Don't leave your services unheard, or idea unnoticed.
Corporate Marketing + Communications Specialists
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
We like to focus on three simple words...
These are at the heart of every successful business.
Profit, growth + ideas represent healthy revenue, the ability to scale upwards, touch more people, remain relevant and interesting, affect positive change.

Without great communication, profit, growth and ideas remain on mute. It takes professional copywriting, marketing and sales strategy to bring these words out of the dictionary and into your business vocabulary - lest your service go unheard and your ideas unnoticed.

commsassist turn up the volume on profit, growth and ideas by helping your company communicate with flair and enthusiasm, selling your services to staff, to prospective customers and to the world.

We help you with copywriting + marketing consultation
How to get started
Book a brainstorming session
Engage copywriting services
Discover consulting services
Book a hour strategy session. Prior to your session, Rani will spend one hour reviewing your website, social media channels, and other relevant materials to best advise you.
Hire commsassist to craft compelling and persuasive sales copy to launch your product or service. Enquiries for web copy (especially "about" pages), company profiles, executive bios, email marketing, advertising, and white papers can be sent here.
Arrange a longer-term partnership. From time to time, Rani takes on longer-term projects in-house.