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Ensuring our customers' views are heard

SA Power Networks’ CEO, Rob Stobbe, welcomed the 15-strong Panel and gave a presentation focussing on the opportunities and risks the business is facing.

The first CCP was established in 2009 to represent the views of customers and ensure they are considered in our decision-making. 

The CCP also provides a forum to build and evolve effective relationships between SA Power Networks and its customers. Each member of the 2020 CCP will serve a minimum two-year term.

Dr Andrew Nance of The Energy Project was appointed as the new Chair. 

Dr Nance brings a wealth of experience in the energy sector and is committed to ensuring the customer voice is heard loudly so we deliver the services our customers expect and value.

He is excited about the challenge ahead. 

“Technology is enabling a more distributed and democratic electricity system and South Australia is leading the way. I intend to use my time as CCP Chair to ensure that during these significant changes, SA Power Networks remains in tune with all of their customers – households and businesses, city and country, haves and have-nots.”

The CCP has declared the following as the top priority areas to examine:
•Opportunities relating to a social tariff and better support for vulnerable customers; 
•Future network / DER integration and transition / emerging technology; 
•Reliability and remote area solutions; and
•Our ageing infrastructure and replacement expenditure.
On behalf of all customers, the new panel expressed their heartfelt thanks to all SA Power Networks staff for their dedication, and expressed its confidence in and support of, the people of SA Power Networks whose expertise and commitment helped keep the community safe during the recent bushfires. 

“ We look forward to working with SA Power Networks to ensure the customer values are heard and that our feedback drives better outcomes for customers, the business and our community alike,” Andrew Nance said.

SA Power Networks has already established strong relationships and positive foundations with many members of the refreshed CCP, as some of them have returned to the Panel following their involvement in the extensive customer and stakeholder engagement process relating to Regulatory  Proposals over the past three years. 

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